One of the Top SS Press Fittings Manufacturers of China – Dunshan

Dunshan offers the highest-quality stainless steel press fittings at affordable prices here. We are one of the leading SS press fittings manufacturers of China. You can find a wide range of international standard Press fittings stainless steel at wholesale price here.

Being one of the leading and professional press fittings suppliers in China, MG equipment is a renowned name in the industry for providing high-quality, reliable, and time convenient Press fittings stainless steel. Our manufactured stainless steel press fittings China easily used with a variety of applications. We own our success to the state of the art technology and team of highly professional individuals. Designed for perfection, these SS press fittings China, exhibit excellent performance even in high-temperature conditions and have anti-corrosion properties.

We offer our customers a complete range of precision-engineered stainless steel press fittings from coupling, T-Pipelining to the grooved fittings, and you can expect to get the best quality fitting valves with us.

M Stainless Steel Press

Drinking Water

M type ss press-fitting is more suitable for gas ,medicine,beverages , fire , It has higher dimensional accuracy, greater tolerance of pipe and better suitability,

V SS Press

Natural Gas

V SS Press Fittings is more suitable for gas ,medicine,beverages , fire , It has higher dimensional accuracy, greater tolerance of pipe and better suitability,

Press Fitting SS Tubes

304L & 316L

Stainless steel pipes 304L and 316L has higher Corrosion resistance and molding,can suit a wide range of areas ,

Grooved Stainless Steel Fittings 

Water Treatment

Grooved stainless steel fittings  made in different materials can be applied to different media.

High Quality, Reliable, And Effective Press Fittings Stainless Steel

Explore the complete range of press fittings China to meet your needs. We design and manufacture excellent press fitting products for quick, assuring, permanent, and watertight seals that are best for any application requirements. You can find here the prime quality SS press fittings for residential as well as commercial water applications.

Dunshan is internationally known as premium quality press fittings manufacturers, offers you competitive prices, fast delivery, and rich OEM/ ODM services. With our extensive industry experience and expertise in delivering large consignments on time, we welcome you to the ultimate solution for sourcing the best press fittings. Whether you are looking for the press fittings for a portable water system or want to buy press fittings in stainless steel for gas, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Skilled SS Press Fitting Manufacturing Team

Dunshan is a well-known and quality stainless steel press fittings supplier in the global market. We have a reputable market name for providing the best press fitting tools, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our company manufactures the finest quality and cost-effective press-fitting products to satisfy all your demands. We are situated in Zhejiang Province of China and offers the international market top-notch variety of press fittings China. We deliver out-class SS press fittings stainless steel products, which can best satisfy the requirements of the modern pipe fittings. Read More


What are Press Fittings?

Press fittings are a convenient solution for connecting pipe, which has eliminated the need for welding, brazing, and soldering for pipe connections.

Are stainless steel press fittings good?

Stainless steel fittings have outstanding anti-corrosion and mechanical properties, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications. These press fittings are easy to install, maintain and never cause any contamination and obstruction to the pipes.

Where to Buy Press fittings?

Dunshan offers premium quality stainless steel press fittings at very affordable rates. You can get a myriad of international standard stainless press fittings at wholesale prices here.