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Are you looking for high-quality stainless steel press fittings at affordable rates? Wenzhou DunShan EPT Co., Ltd is a well-known stainless steel press fittings manufacturer of China that offers the best quality ss press fittings products at affordable prices. You can find a wide range of international standard stainless steel press fittings china on our platform. Our SS press fittings system is paramount to safe connection efficiency and serves as the hallmark of high quality. Our press fittings are available in various sizes according to varied scales and consumption demands, including all standard and non-standard sizes. They are best suited for a wide range of civil, chemical, and industrial applications and perform efficiently in all these segments, ensuring connections even in corrosive and sensitive applications. Read More

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Explore our complete range of stainless steel press fittings chinato make a lifelong partnership with us. We design and manufacture excellent press fittings stainless steel products for quick, assuring, permanent, and watertight seals that are best for all application requirements. Buying from us vanishes our customer’s concerns about durability and service life.

Dunshan is an internationally known premium quality stainless steel press fit pipe fittings manufacturer that offers you competitive prices, fast delivery, and rich OEM/ ODM services. With our extensive industry experience and expertise in delivering large consignments on time, our China SS press fittings products have become a prominent part of china’s exports reaching many different native and not native regions.

Why Choose Us

Raw material world famous brand
Inner leveling of stainless steel weld pipe
Stainless steel pipe is online annealing manufacture
Fittings are manufactured by our modern and advanced mechanical equipment

What Make Us Prominent Press Fittings Supplier In International Market?

As a leading stainless steel press fittings manufacturer in the global market, we have a reputable market name for providing the best press fittings stainless steel products, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our company is blessed with skilled and technical labor to carry out each step of manufacturing from scratch till the delivery of the final product to the customer, under the strict observation of the quality control team. Our manufacturing plant is loaded with high-tech machinery and modern tools to place step after step with modern technological innovations. Press fittings stainless steel is our main product, and we also deliver our customer’s best-customized products according to the needs of their industry. Read More

Frequently Ask Questions

What are press fittings?

Press fittings are a convenient solution for connecting pipe, which has eliminated the need for welding, brazing, and soldering for pipe connections.

How do I install stainless steel press fittings?

Cutting the pipe to length, deburring the edges, slipping the pipe into the fitting, and applying pressure with a hydraulic press are typical installation procedures for stainless steel press fittings.

How does a stainless steel press fitting work?

A stainless steel press fitting creates a safe and leak-free connection by compressing a fit onto two pipes using a specialized tool. The tool is made to exert precise pressure and force on the fitting, sealing the pipes together tightly.

Where can I buy press fittings?

Press fittings are available from various suppliers, such as industry suppliers, plumbing and HVAC supply shops, and online sellers. Confirming that the provider gives top-notch goods from reliable producers is crucial.