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Different Types of Pipe Fittings

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As the name indicates, pipe fittings are generally the components that connect pipes and overall build a plumbing system. They are vital in every sector, mainly to regulate the flow of fluids. There is a huge variety of pipe press fittings obtainable in the market in different shapes and sizes depending upon the type of application. However, it is crucial to learn which pipe fitting suits your industry’s work for better stability and reliability. This article gives you the ultimate guide about various types of pipe fittings.

Pipe fittings are generally categorized based on their functions and types of connections which are discussed here.

According to Connection Type

According to the different connection techniques, the following are some of the types of pipe fittings.

  1. Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are those pipe fittings that use compression on a gasket, ring, or ferrule for the connection of pipes. This compression is completed by fastening a nut into the fitting. These pipe fittings are super easy to install as they require no additional equipment for the assembly. They are perfect for metal-on-metal connections. These pipe fittings are further categorized into types, such as bite-type pipe fittings, mechanical grip fittings, and flare fittings.

  1. End Fittings

Another type as per the connection technique is the end pipe fittings. These are the types that form precise surfaces to connect pipes. These pipe fittings might have clamp ends or plain ends. The clamp end fittings allow the pipes to fasten together while the plain end fittings connect the pipes through techniques, such as soldering, welding, adhesive techniques, etc.

  1. Flange Fittings

Flange fittings are tools that include, rims, collars, edges, or ribs with flat surfaces. These flat surfaces, which are perpendicular to the connected pipe, are held together via techniques like threading, clamping, bolting, and welding, etc.

  1. Threaded Fittings

Threaded fittings are other types that are further divided into straight and tapered ones. The tapered threads create fixed seals for gases and fluids, while the straight threads have no such seals made of screw threads on their external and internal surfaces built to allow piping with matching threads.

Depending Upon the Function

The various types of pipe fittings are also classified because of their different specific functions. Let’s examine these types now.

  1. Fittings That Lengthen or Expel Pipe Lengths

Adaptor, coupling, sleeve, union, cap, and plug are the types that come in this category. Their main function is to extend or remove the pipe lengths. The adaptors, for example, are mainly used for copper pipes and PVC and are connected by techniques like welding and soldering. On the other hand, the sleeve is connected via different mechanical fasteners.

  1. Fittings That Add or Change Direction

Elbow, tee, Wye, Cross comes in the category of these pipe fittings. Their major function is to add or change the directions.

  1. Fittings That Attach Pipes of Tinier Size

The reducer pipes come in the category of these pipe fittings, and their function is to connect the smaller size of pipes.

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