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Reliability of Plumbing Fittings – Threaded vs. Compression

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In this world anything that we consider, that could bring us the benefit to us in the form of ease, comfort and benefits would come up with some problems too. These problems could be in the form of drawbacks, hindrances, and restrictions that could limit the use of these applications, the same way when we talk about adding pipelines and fittings, although they are highly helpful in facilitating the flow of the liquids, wherever there are liquids involved there is always a chance of leakage and breakage present and no matter how perfect our fittings are, such risks cannot be eliminated. However, by the proper installation and by following proper methods, these risks and threats could be reduced to a great extent.

Most of the time we see that leaks occur at conjunctions, the places where one pipe joins with another one or a pipe be connecting to a valve or connection to the pumps and filters and even the connections to the tanks and various other fittings. Although there are connections made sing the joint but other than that there are various ways that are used to join these pipes, some of these types of connections are made using adhesively bonding techniques such as the technique of brazing or welding, which could be used in the case of metals. Whereas, polymer materials can be used in the case of plastic materials, in which liquids are contained by two surfaces that are wedged against each other. Thus, the use of threaded fittings especially with Stainless steel fitting pipes make these fittings far stronger and more durable, thus leakage could be prevented.

All about Threaded Fittings

Threaded fittings are highly usable for materials that are comprised of qualities like being malleable. This property is possessed by materials like Iron, copper, aluminum, polymers, and brass. When a fitting is tightened over the metal or the polymer, it deforms to fill all the spaces and crevices that are present in a threaded fitting. This application can prevent leakage by making it a leak-tight joint. Using threaded material over harder materials like stainless steel can be helpful in making it leak-free. In order to adjust the tightening and to stop leakage further, they can be adjusted further by tightening. However, in case of further issues, they can be fixed temporarily by the use of tape that is known as Teflon tape.  Teflon tapes over the pipes are useful in a way that they can provide a reliable and permanent solution to the users. But these materials can also be a source of contamination too.

All about Compressed fittings

As an alternative to the threaded pipe fittings, we see the use of compression fittings as well. Compression fittings are the ones that have a collar that is compressed around the circumference of the other pipe that is known as the male pipe, as it is made in order to mate with the female part. Though in the compression pipes as well, the threads are involved, their main purpose is to provide a force that is necessary to compress the collet. However, the actual seal is different from the threads. The fixation of the tube is a process that cannot be reversed. Thus, in order to repair the leaks, one requires to just simply tighten the nuts more tightly. These compression fittings are often used in applications where there is high pressure involved and, in most cases, they are proven to be even more reliable in the areas where high pressure is involved. These fittings are usually considered to be more reliable compared to the thread fittings, but these fittings are not much resistant to vibrations compared to the welded or soldered fittings.

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