Comparison Between V Profiles And M Profiles Fittings And Fixtures

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Press fittings have been in the industry for a long time and they are highly reliable for the transportation of gas and liquid content. But there are some questions, which arise regarding the difference between V profiles fixture and M profiles. Although they look similar as well as they can be replaced by each other but there is a minor difference, which makes them suitable for different conditions. Just a little difference between these two types can have a solid impact on the performance of pipes. However, press fittings are a better version as compared to brazing/welding fittings because they are easier to apply and safer than the flammable method. To understand better, you need to have a slight intro to both types.

M Profile Fittings

The first type is an M profile, which can be recognized with the help of its edge. Due to not having any collars at both ends; you can use them for various purposes. Moreover, they can withstand temperatures between -20 and +120 degrees, which helps users to rely upon them for multiple purposes. They are available in different shapes like U, elbow (90 and 45 degrees), and T. Since they are available in different shapes, they can help connect pipes in different locations. They are available in steel, copper, stainless steel, and some other materials as per the compatibility of liquid and gas inside them.

V Profile Fittings

The other one is V profile press fitting, which is also effective in various applications. This one has a difference, which is a collar. Since these press fittings have collars, they have slightly different uses as compared to the M profile. Obviously, you can’t use the same type of press fitting everywhere because there are lots of types of pipes. Each pipe has different threading and functionalities you need to be aware of. Also, they have a little difference in temperature resistance, which is between -15 and +120 degrees. If you look at their shapes, even their shapes are similar to the above ones, M types. Similarly, they are available in different materials like copper, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Key Difference between M Profile and V Profile

The main difference between M profile and V profile fittings is a collar, jaws, and chains. The collar is the main difference between them, where V profile fittings have collars and M profile fixtures are collarless. Besides, the jaws and chains of a press fitting machine/tool differ according to each type. When you are about to choose between V and M types, you will have to face the difference in those jaws of machines. Each fitter has a different size and design of jaw. Sometimes you need male pipes and sometimes female pipes, for the sake of catering to these features, you have to choose between M and V profile fittings.

Applications of Press Fittings

Let’s have a look at some of their applications to better understand their worth. Since they are like bridges between two pipes, their reliability factor also matters. Likewise, you can’t depend on a pipe joint, which has flaws. To remove all those fears and threats, these welding-less pipe fittings do their work quite efficiently.

HVAC Systems

Due to their high efficiency, they provide fine insulation in HVAC systems in all weather without any issues. Since they can bear the high intensity of temperatures, you can rely on them for HVAC systems in your home and workplace. That is why, many people use press fittings instead of brazing pipes for HVAC. Moreover, some pipe fittings can bear the lowest temperature of -15 degrees, while some can take a minimum of -20 degrees. Similarly, some can withstand +115 degrees and some can handle +120 degrees.

Drinkable Water Supply

Not just are they safe for HVAC but also for drinkable water/potable water supply. Many households and commercial sites use these pipe fittings for water supply purposes. This is why safe transportation of water can be done without any risk of leakage. Moreover, they can withstand corrosion and other problems with the help of a protective coating. This protective coating is made of zinc and other metals, which are good against many external factors.

Fire Sprinklers

Another core application of these pipe fittings is fire sprinklers. With the help of good-quality components, you can tackle any unlikely situation related to fire. One of these trusted components is pipe fittings. Both M and V profile pipe fittings can be really efficient in this scenario. In addition, you don’t need to stress about water leakage, since these components are meant to be used for this purpose. With the help of a pipe fitting machine, you can have a leak-proof piping system to save your property from fire incidents.

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry is a mega industry without any doubt, which solely relies upon the best-quality piping system for continuous usage. For these requirements, they also need pipe fittings besides brazing methods. Because not every time you can depend upon brazing-type pipe fittings. This type of press fitting can provide a leak-free supply of petroleum liquid. Hence, you can witness their heavy usage in this industry for safe transportation of highly-inflammable liquids.

Gas Transportation

Similarly, they are good at providing safe transportation of gas, which is an ultimate requirement of the gas-supply industry. With the help of press fittings, many domestic and commercial users have had satisfactory results after years of using them. That’s why you can also install them without any fear of anything. Due to the O-ring rubber seal, pipe fittings provide leak-free transportation of liquid and gas. Likewise, methane gas and LPG are commonly transported through press fittings in domestic and commercial sectors. However, there are some gases, which have different reactive features and you need to be aware of them before you use the material of pipes.


Since you have found out the main difference between M profile and V profile fittings, you can finally buy the exact type you need. With complete information about a product, you can easily do trading without any standard error. Moreover, there are different sizes of these components, you can use because each size has its importance according to the amount of content, which will pass through them.

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