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Top 5 Reasons Why SS Press Fittings are the Best for Plumbing Applications

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Installation of the HVAC and plumbing system is not easy at all. The most crucial thing in them is to find suitable material with the applicable grade. Choosing the wrong type can lead to several problems, which is not a good idea to try. It is better to spend some time researching and buying the exact type of press fittings. Therefore, you must select stainless steel press fittings from the best wholesale plumbing supplier. It will ease your post-installation life because the performance of SS press fittings is way better than other types. There are reasons for that, which we want you to know. They will show top performance whether you are about to install them in your home, office, factory, or elsewhere.

Hardly Require Any Maintenance:

Some components are in the plumbing and need maintenance periodically. In contrast, some need care frequently for optimum performance. In the case of press fittings, maintenance is hardly required. They are durable enough to last for years. Though you may find many types of press pipe fittings, durability is a common thing all the types share. There are couplings, tees, elbows, crosses, and other styles to fit accordingly.

No matter where you install them, they can remain productive for years. Plastic may start cracking at some point, but the stainless-steel press fittings are more powerful. As it is related to corrosion, there will hardly be any accumulation of rust layers inside them. That is why you will not have to check them frequently. Stainless steel is among the most preferred metals for heavy-duty applications—similarly, press fittings of stainless-steel support pipes with unbreakable connections.

No Deformity in Extreme Temperatures:

Some materials are soft, and some metals can deform in some conditions. There are lots of press fittings applications in HVAC systems and plumbing. In contrast, stainless steel press fittings work better in high temperatures. The hot flow of liquid like water, chemical, and gas is possible through stainless steel press fittings. No deformity or bending will occur as they are meant to be used for this purpose.

In the case of domestic and industrial applications, the hot flow of liquid relies on something enduring. What could be better than stainless steel in this scenario? If we install press fittings of soft metal, they may start leaking because of deformity. It can cause problems for users. In uncovered areas like rooftops, press fittings face extreme UV rays. Even UV rays can not damage SS press fittings. Upon continuous exposure to UV rays, many soft metals may also start having problems unless they are stainless steel.

Resistance to Water and Acid Corrosion:

Corrosion is the biggest weakness of metals. If you use press fittings of carbon steel, they may break down to corrosion. It deteriorates metals, which drops their performance. Likewise, a wholesale plumbing supplier has excellent stainless-steel press fittings to deal with it. That is why you may witness massive consumption of SS press fittings in industries like chemicals and gas. Even in domestic usage, the plumbing system is prone to heavy corrosion. It is because of the reaction between water and metal. The corrosion starts forming after some time of installment.

However, SS press fittings can withstand water and acidic corrosion. That combo makes them a reliable choice for plumbing systems. Likewise, the buildup rate of rusting is meager unless poor environmental conditions affect them. These press fittings work well in factories where water and chemical supply are standard. The reason is their rugged surface and robust performance.

Do Not Break Down or Brittle:

Some metals are brittle, which makes them fragile against massive forces of solid, liquid, or gas. However, stainless steel has enough strength to defy these forces for a long time. This intense nature of SS press fittings helps them survive in harsh conditions. It makes buyers prefer this specific category for uncovered areas of plumbing systems. Likewise, many plumbing and HVAC systems must cope with consistent sunlight exposure. It means there are high chances of damage because of UV rays. These rays weaken the external layers of many types of materials.

Shiny Surface with a Graceful Appearance:

The surface of these press fittings is pretty graceful, which makes them the first choice for many applications. The reason behind it is they hardly need any additional paint coating as stainless steel has a pleasing appearance. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of SS press fittings makes them preferable for domestic and industrial users. Construction works also need this kind of piping system for a temporary water supply in a project. Therefore, SS press fittings are better.


There are some frequently asked questions, which were answered below for the assistance of those who are looking for answers.

Q1. What makes the best wholesale plumbing supplier?
Some key elements are massive production, wholesale price, bulk supply, and consistent quality. If a supplier possesses these elements in their production, we may call them a wholesale plumbing supplier. Besides, international supply and global standards compliance are additional elements for someone to become a wholesaler.

Q2. Are press fittings suitable for gas?
Yes, that’s why they are used for HVAC applications. Moreover, press fittings secure the pipe from both sides to avoid any leakage. You must ensure that you use compatible materials for press fittings for each gas type. Some gases do react with specific metals, which can cause problems later. For oxygen and sulfur gas, stainless steel press fittings may get corrosion. But it depends on the quantity of these elements.

Q3. Can you remove the press fitting?
Yes, through a press-removal tool. It would help if you used this tool to remove a press fitting. Once you remove it, you must install a new press fitting because the older one will not work. Sometimes, a cutter may be required to cut off the press fitting entirely.

Q4. How reliable are press fittings?
They are very reliable in both liquid and gas supply. Neither is there a risk of leakage or blockage. It shows that they are much more reliable for small and large-scale usage. This reliability is also shown in the form of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and longevity. All these reasons make them a reliable choice for users.

Q5. What material is best for press fit?
There are many materials available for that, but some are the best. One is stainless steel, and the other is copper. The reason is the quality of these metals, which work great in HVAC and plumbing systems. They can avoid corrosion for a long time.

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