Stainless Steel Grooved Fittings

The stainless steel grooved fittings are manufactured and tested according to (CJ/T 152-2010)

Material: Stainless Steel 304L ,  Stainless Steel 316L.

the grooved fitting   is mainly composed of three parts sizes: seal rubber ring, clamp and lock bolt , size from 32mm up to
323mm with max working pressure is 4Mpa.

Technical Data

Products name

Stainless Steel grooved 90 degree bend

Material Stainless steel 304L,AISI304L
Stainless steel 316L,AISI316L
Size  1″-24″(OD33.5mm up to OD630mm)
Thickness 1.5-8.0MM
Standard (DIN)DVGW W534-1995
O-Ring     EPDM and FKM
 workingTemperature  -20°C to 110°C (EPDM)
-20°C to +205°C (FKM)
working Pressure 2.1MPa  to 4.4MPa
End connection Grooved
O-Ring Stardard   CEN EN 681-1:2006;


OD   (mm) Thickness (mm)
48.3 2.0
60.3 2.0
76.1 2.0
89.9 2.0
108 2.0
133 2.5
159 2.5
219 3.0
273 4.0
325 4.0

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What is Stainless Steel Grooved Fittings

A grooved pipe is a modern innovative technique that is pulled on a regular stainless steel pipe. It is equipped by using a cold machining process, which helps in the formation of grooves into the ends of the steel pipe. This renovated pipe is called a grooved pipe. The gasket that is encircled by coupling helps in the formation of a seal on both the ends of the pipeline. The critical sections of the pipe housing and functionality work in a complementary manner with the grooved that are installed. The nuts and the bolts on a grooved pipeline are attached and tightened up by making use of impact wrenches. The impact wrenches are also known as socket wrenches. When the set up is installed together, the grooved gasket is encased by the housing coupling method. This method further engages the groove fitting on the pipeline, thus, making a leak-tight seal around the pipe joint. There are various kinds of coupling styles that can be complementary with grooved piping. A coupling method can be rigid as well as flexible; however, that depends highly on what is the need for the pipeline installation.

Advantages of Grooved Fittings Stainless Steel

The use of grooved fittings stainless steel has become so famous and is widely appreciated around the globe. They offer numerous benefits. They are famous mostly because they provide a leak-resisting pipeline, thus reducing the after work of the plumber. They are not only preferred over fittings, but they are also the best choice in comparison to flanges and pipe trackers. Let us discuss some of the fundamental advantages of the grooved fittings;

  1. They have the capacity to resist intense environmental damages
  2. They have undistributed resistance towards corrosion
  3. They are incredibly competitive when it comes to the height-weight ratio. They are moderately heightened and have an average weight.



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