Stainless steel grooved Tee

The stainless steel grooved fittings are manufactured and tested according to (CJ/T 152-2010),
materials are available to stainless steel 304L ,stainless steel 316L .the grooved fitting  is mainly
composed of three parts sizes seal rubber ring, clamp and lock bolt ,size from 32mm up to 323mm with max working pressure is 4Mpa。

Advantages of Stainless Steel Grooved Fittings

*Material performance superiority .
*Advantages of environmental protection
*Easy operation
*Cost-effective superiority
*Quick connection and safe installations
*Remarkable corrosion resistance
*Superior crush resistance

The last manufacturing process of stainless steel grooved fittings can be annealed ,polished and sandblasted ,
also all the groobed fittings absolutely are passed leakage test ,

          Products name

           Stainless Steel grooved Tee

Material Stainless steel 304L,AISI304L
Stainless steel 316L,AISI316L
Size 1″-24″(OD33.5mm up to OD630mm)
Thickness 1.5-8.0MM
Standard (DIN)DVGW W534-1995
O-Ring  EPDM and FKM
 workingTemperature -20°C to 110°C (EPDM)
-20°C to +205°C (FKM)
working Pressure 2.1MPa  to 4.4MPa
End connection Grooved
O-Ring Standard  CEN EN 681-1:2006;

OD   (mm) Thickness (mm)
48.3 2.0
60.3 2.0
76.1 2.0
89.9 2.0
108 2.0
133 2.5
159 2.5
219 3.0
273 4.0
325 4.0

All grooved fittings are Indoor real shot diagram

EPDM O-Ring Seal Adapt Temperature -15°C to +110°C,  Maximum working pressure 2.1MPa  to 4.4MPa
FKM O-Ring Seal Adapt Temperature -25°C to +205°C,  Maximum working pressure 2.1MPa  to 4.4MPa

EPDM Material Date System
                         Chemical Description % CAS No.
Elthylene Propylene Rubber    34.92 25038-36-2
Filler     41.91 1333-86-4
Plasticizer     18.68 64724-54-7
Activators      2.1 1314-13-2
Vulcanizing agents      0.56 7704-34-9
Accelerator 1.83 137-26-8

FKM Material Date System
                           Chemical Description % CAS No.
Ethylene Propylene Rubber    65.8 9011-17-0
Filler 23.03 013983-17-0
Plasticizer 3.61 1328-53-6
Activators 1.64 8015-86-9
Vulcanizing agents 5.92 1305-62-0
Accelerator 100

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Custom-Made                                                            OEM Service

* We can design and manufacture produces according            * OEM is available ,
to customer requirements                                                               * Each fittings can be marked customer’s brand   *Drawing and samples can be provided                                      * Confidentiality agreement is available


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