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Why should you use press-fitting?

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A secure pipe connection is essential for the success of any project. In recent years, most projects traditionally relied on welding, brazing, and soldering for reliable connections. Although welding, soldering and breezing are still a commonly used method for installing pipe systems, press fitting is turn out to be the most beneficial method for installing pipes than welding or soldering.

 Press fitting is extremely and dynamic 

The operation quality of the press fittings vary by brand, but one thing that is consistent with all brands is the robustness of connections. If the pipe is prepared correctly according to the system’s instruction and standards, the connection will become as strong as a welded or soldered connection. There are so many hydraulic press tools with an auto-cycle feature that only shuts off when the connection is made, which excludes the guessing game and correctly joins the whole connection.

 They are straightforward to repair

Press fitting is flexible to work with. You can efficiently work on them even if the pipe system is wet. This makes press fittings extremely useful in commercial and industrial settings because operations won’t be interrupted if repair is needed. Press fittings eradicate the necessity of shutting down a pipe system to perform maintenance.

They are versatile 

Because press fittings are made up of copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel, they work with virtually any pipe system made of these materials. These variations in material make them suitable for use in a variety of applications. Press fittings used in varied applications ranging from gas, petroleum to potable water. There are many press-fitting available in the market, among which the most prominent one is dvgw fittings which are recognized by several national and international suppliers and consumers.

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